Biotin Hair Growth

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How biotin affects hair growth

How biotin affects hair growth

Biotin for hair growth

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Like every other organ and part of our body, hair growth also succumbs to aging and lifestyle choices. The once lustrous and long hair would be a distant dream for many. Although baldness is still restricted largely to men, women are increasingly facing problems such as thinning hair, receding hair line and often, there is hair discoloration, loss of splendorous texture and the density suffers a lot at one point of time. Hair growth is the only solution to all such problems. However, before one can opt for hair growth, hair loss and thinning of hair have to be stopped.

Using biotin hair growth is attainable. Biotin is referred to by various names – vitamin B7, vitamin H and coenzyme R are the most common scientific names used. Biotin is a water soluble B complex vitamin which is predominantly essential in metabolizing fatty acids and amino acids in our body. As a result, biotin is often responsible for an increased supply of nutrients to various parts of the body, especially hair. It has been scientifically proven that biotin deficiency can lead to hair loss, conjunctivitis, dermatitis and certain neurological symptoms. Hence, it is not only wise to consume biotin for hair growth but also for a number of other reasons.

Biotin for hair growth

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Biotin is a naturally occurring vitamin and doesn’t need any chemical synthesis to be created or processed. Some of the very common food items that we used to consume have generous amounts of biotin in them, for instance carrots, beans, nuts, dairy products, soy and even poultry meat (especially the liver of chicken). With an increased affinity to have packaged foods, ready to cook foods and fast food off the takeaway counters, the amount of biotin we consume every day has significantly been reduced. This has taken a toll on the normal hair growth of men and women.

If you start taking biotin hair growth can not only be restored but it can even get better than what it was over time. It has been noted in several experiments that men and women on biotin supplements have had better hair growth, an increase in hair density and some have even regained their natural hair color. There aren’t any side effects of biotin provided you aren’t under any medication or suffering from any illness and it can be an easy solution to your hair growth problems.

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